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Master Works: The Degas Plays

When you look at a painting and take some meaning from it, you are translating that painting into something within your life. That's essentially what we ask our playwrights to do for our ongoing series Master Works. This year we're tackling the works of Edgar Degas. Six playwrights will translate his paintings into short plays for the stage! That's six new works of art created by translating art!

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CommBeau Quick News

    MasterWorks goes to Wicker Park
    The Degas Plays
    to take place at Den Theatre

    We're thrilled to announce that Commedia Beauregard will be hosting a new round of plays translated from paintings.  This year we'll be featuring Edgar Degas.  And we'll be at the Den Theatre in Wicker Park!

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  • Edgewater Theatre District  
    Commedia Beauregard is now part of the Edgewater Theatre District.  And now we have a Flex Pass that is good at all 9 theatres in the district!  

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